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Get to Know Your Neighbors: Susan Pietrowski

Meet your New Neighbor

Susan Pietrowski is a very active person. She likes to walk, hike and enjoys the outdoors. The resort like nature of Parkshore Juanita Bay really excited her.

“I walk a lot and belong to walking groups. Knowing I’ll be by the lake and several parks and that I can walk to local shops and restaurants is a bonus.” 

Susan retired from Boeing. She and her husband shared a large house in the Crossroads Neighborhood in Bellevue. Since her husband passed she doesn’t want to continue to deal with yard work and home maintenance.

Susan is also civically engaged and volunteers at her church and with the homeless. She is looking to spend more time doing the things she loves. It’s time to move on from the house.

“I looked at a few situations in Bellevue. I looked at a condos but they either looked like significant fixer uppers or had color schemes that were just blah. I was a little discouraged, considering their prices … then Parkshore Juanita Bay presented itself!”

Susan first heard about Parkshore Juanita Bay in a Seattle Times print ad and attended a discovery event.

“I was looking for developers that would be environmentally strategic. What really impressed me was after the discovery meeting when several of us talked to the architects that they took in our suggestions. They added solar panels, enhanced the floor plans and considered local wildlife in the landscape design – among other improvements requested.” 

“The Parkshore will be a lifestyle that I am looking forward to, my large family all live within driving distance and the opportunity to travel more will be great.”

Look for Susan at Parkshore Juanita Bay networking events. She’s someone we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Friends make great neighbors.

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