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Meet your new neighbors: Jim and Pat Hughes

Meet your New Neighbors

When it came to choosing a community for their next chapter in life, Jim and Pat Hughes knew what they were looking for – care for the future, new construction and location, location, location. “We knew that, at the right time, we needed to be in the right place with other services.”

Former software professionals who enjoy cooking, walking and traveling, The Hughes live in a high-end, high rise in Bellevue. They love their lifestyle and wanted something that reflected where they are right now in life – vibrant, independent and on the move. The fact that Parkshore Juanita Bay is a satellite independent living community really appealed to them. “We weren’t quite ready to live with people 20 years older than us.” But it was nice knowing they’d have access to care should they need it.

They also wanted a location with easy access to the things they need, close proximity to nature and a walkable environment. “The location also appealed to us. We know Juanita Bay. The wetlands. Juanita Village. Kirkland. The Village at Totem Lake. Evergreen Hospital and our doctors are also close by. Plus we were boaters for a long time, still travel a lot, and want to be among the water, trees and birds.”

While they looked at other communities in the area, the fact that Parkshore Juanita Bay was new construction was a deciding factor. “The rooftop garden beds, solar energy, being close to nature, and all the new people we’ll meet – we are really looking forward to it all!”

Look for Jim and Pat at the next Parkshore Juanita Bay charter member event. They’re people we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Friends make great neighbors!

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